Several Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs), as well as the new National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), have noticed that their staffs need to learn more about statistics. Strengthening the National Statistical System is needed to teach the MDAs and NBS about statistics. An E-learning tool is one of the best ways to teach staff about statistics.

E-learning is being used more and more by businesses and schools because it can be just as effective as traditional training but costs less and can reach a bigger audience by reaching people who can’t attend traditional classroom training. Most e-learning classes are designed to improve thinking skills, as this is the area where e-learning works best. Within the cognitive area, thinking skills may need more interactive e-learning tasks because these skills are better learned “by doing.”


The main goal of this e-learning program is to make it easier for MDAs and NBS to produce and analyze standard statistics. This will help each country keep track of its progress toward the statistical systems and goals that have been agreed upon globally.


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Statistics 1

125 Lessons

Statistics 2​

83 Lessons

Statistics 3

76 Lessons

Statistics 4

64 Lessons

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