Mogadishu, Saturday, August 19, 2023. Somalia National Bureau of Statistics (SNBS) conducts a validation workshop for Somalia’s Poverty and Inequality Analysis Report. The event, whose participants were drawn from across relevant ministries, departments and agencies, took place at the Bureau’s offices in Mogadishu.

The workshop presented participants with an opportunity to go through the report, understand the basis of its compilation and incorporate their feedbacks and comments into the final draft before the ultimate launch of the report later this month. It was noted that throughout this session, participants conducted a cordial and collaborative analysis of the documents, with a view to achieving a holistic understanding and earn a buy-in from all partakers. The SNBS stives to involve stakeholders and relevant government institutions in its statistical activities in order to coordinate generation and dissemination of official government statistics. 

More about the findings and key highlights of the report will be published during the launch of the Final Poverty Report.