Mogadishu, Monday, 30 October 2023. Somali Integrated Statistics and Economic Planning Capacity Building Project commenced the implementation of the integrated training plan for the staff from key Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) producing official statistics in Somalia.

The Somalia National Bureau of Statistics (SNBS) signed agreement with the Eastern Africa Statistical Training Centre (EASTC) on 19th August 2023. The contract aims to build capacity of staff working within National Statistical Systems (NSS) of Somalia. This program is funded by the World Bank through the Somali Integrated Statistics and Economic Planning Capacity Building Project (SISEPCBP), and it includes seven short courses, three to be conducted in Mogadishu, Somalia and four in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The program officially started on 30th October 2023 in Mogadishu and expected to end in January 2024. This program will enhance the skills and knowledge of staff working within National Statistical Systems in carrying out their duties more effectively and efficiently. The program will focus on foundational statistical concepts and theories. This will provide a solid understanding of the principles behind data collection, management, analysis, and interpretation. This will strengthen knowledge of staff to handle the complexities that arise in their everyday work.

In addition, the program will delve into advanced statistical techniques and methodologies including topics such as Sampling Methods, GIS, Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI), Household Surveys in Measuring Poverty and use of statistical software to manage and analyze data. Through hands-on training and workshops, the staff from NSS will gain practical experience and develop a mastery of these complex techniques.

Moreover, the program will also emphasize on the importance of data quality and accuracy. The staff will be trained in ensuring that data collection methods adhere to rigorous standards. This includes conducting thorough data cleaning, validation, and verification processes. Another crucial aspect of the program is the utilization of technology in statistics. Our staff will be introduced to innovative tools and software that can facilitate data collection, management, and analysis. By harnessing the power of technology, our staff can reduce manual errors, streamline processes, and produce more reliable and timely statistics.

Finally, the program will foster a culture of continuous learning. Regular assessments and evaluations will be conducted to gauge the progress and effectiveness of the program. Feedback from our staff will be actively sought and considered for future improvements. Additionally, opportunities for further skill development and professional growth will be provided to ensure that our staff remains up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field.

In conclusion, the kick-off of the official statistics capacity building program marks an important milestone in enhancing the skills and abilities of staff working within National Statistical Systems in Somalia. Through a comprehensive curriculum and hands-on training, our staff will be equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in their roles. With this program, we are confident that our staff will be able to contribute significantly to the production of accurate and reliable statistics.