Mogadishu, Somalia – March 14, 2024 – The Somalia National Bureau of Statistics (SNBS), through the Somali Integrated Statistics and Economic Planning Capacity Building Project (SISEPCB P171160), launched two important reports today: the National Disability Report and the 3rd Women and Men Facts and Figures.

The launch event, held at the Decale Hotel in Mogadishu, saw over 100 participants, including representatives from government ministries (Ministry of Women, National Disability Agency), Members of Parliament, civil society organizations, the World Bank (WB), UN Women, UNDP, academia, media, and other national and international stakeholders.

The reports were produced using data from the Somali Integrated Household Budget Survey 2022 and developed collaboratively with relevant stakeholders, including the Ministry of Women and the National Disability Agency.

The program kicked off with presentations on the key findings of each report:

Said Abdilahi Abdi, Director of Population and Social Statistics Directorate, presented the Summary of Key Findings of Disability Statistics Report.

Mohamed Abdinur Mohamed, Project Coordinator for SISEPCB and Senior Statistician, presented the Summary of Key Findings of Women and Men Facts and Figures.

Following the presentations, insightful remarks were delivered by:

Dr. Sayed Sadiq, UN Women’s Country Program Manager, Somalia

Dr. Fartun Ali Abdirahman, General Secretary, National Disability Agency

Hon. Nadra Saleh Abdi, Chair, Parliamentary Sub-committee on Social Service Development, House of People (SSDC)

The event concluded with closing remarks by Sharmarke Farah, Director General of the Somalia National Bureau of Statistics.

These reports provide valuable data and insights on the status of women and people with disabilities in Somalia, which will be crucial for informing policy decisions and programs aimed at promoting gender equality and social inclusion.

For more details, SNBS encourages you to read the full report & It provides a comprehensive analysis of the National Disability Report and the 3rd Women and Men Facts and Figures.