Consumer Price Index March 2024
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 2022
2.4 %
Unemployment Rate
21.4 %
Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR)



Launches National Disability Report and Women & Men Facts

Press Release
SNBS launched two important reports today: The National Disability Report and the 3rd Women…

The Second National Strategy for the Development of Statistics

Delighted to unveil the Second National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS 2).It builds on a solid foundation..

Governance Statistics Report 2023

Governance statistics play a crucial role in fostering inclusive,transparent, and accountable connections between the government and its citizens …..

  • The All-Groups CPI was 145.34 in the month of March 2024, compared with 142.14 in the month of February 2024.
  • This report underscores our dedication to rigorous statistical analysis to illuminate gender disparities, reflecting our commitment to an inclusive society that values the contributions of every individual
  • With the successful completion of the Somali Integrated Household Budget Survey (SIHBS-2022), a landmark initiative spanning over three decades, the Somali National Bureau of Statistics (SNBS)


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